What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a hands-on approach to healthcare that combines the science of healing with the art of caring. At Bratton Physical Therapy, we have created a pleasant healing environment for both our clients and our specialists.

Licensed physical therapists are skilled in assessing your flexibility and strengths or weaknesses by studying your movement patterns. They are able to identify the cause of your pain or limited mobility and then prescribe a treatment program to heal it. As the pain decreases, the therapist moves to stretch and strengthen you to restore your function and provide joint protection to avoid recurring injuries.

Physical therapists also work with patients in post-surgical situations or those suffering from injuries or chronic conditions to help prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities.

What kind of education do physical therapists have?

Physical therapists are well educated and thoroughly trained as licensed health care professionals. Prior to practicing their profession, they must obtain a degree in Physical Therapy from an accredited education program. They must also pass their state board examinations to be licensed.

In addition to therapeutic treatment application, they are extensively trained in anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, neurological sciences, disease and injury pathophysiology.

Physical therapists and physical therapy technicians at Bratton Physical Therapy also attend continuing education courses regularly to stay abreast of the latest medical developments and treatment approaches.

Can I go to Bratton Physical Therapy without a physician’s referral, or can I ask my physician to go to this clinic specifically?

You may visit our clinic without a physician’s referral, but the bulk of our patients are referred by their family physicians or specialists. When your physician advises that you should see a physical therapist, you may request a referral to our clinic specifically.

How often will I need to see a physical therapist?

It is not possible to answer this without a thorough evaluation of your injury or condition. You will then be advised on what the best course of treatment will be and the expected duration.

Will my physical therapy treatments hurt?

Pain levels can fluctuate over the course of your treatment period as you restore mobility. This is to be expected in any course of physical therapy. Talk to your physical therapists about the pain you may be experiencing. Good communication will help to minimize any discomfort.

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